Doctors For A Cause

Something that started off as a brain-child of me and my friends as co-interns back in 2017, has transformed into a nationwide family today.

Doctors For A Cause is a non-governmental organisation founded by Arjun, Ayub and I, provides an unique and holistic approach where the medical and non medical fraternity come together to collaborate their notions regarding education, awareness and goodwill.

The credibility for this endeavour goes to each and everyone who has ensured it’s acknowledgment across the nation over the years. From being an organisation which mostly included camps and groundwork, we’ve been able to achieve an exponential growth by garnering attention through our consistent efforts and resourceful contributions.

Doctors For A Cause runs of two main on-ground branches in Calcutta and Chennai with college representatives from all around the country. Our extended board is 70 members strong with a volunteer strength of 300 all around the country.

UPDATE: I recently wrote about how we grew Doctors For A Cause, from nothing but a scratch to a national level medical student based NGO. Click here to read about it!

Recently our Facebook page hit 10k which is absolutely unreal, followed closely behind by our Instagram page hitting 2k and YouTube hitting 1k!

Here’s the list of our notable work and collaborations:

1. ARDSI Project
2. ASHARI Project
3. Collaborations Responsible Charity
4. AAZADI Health Camps
5. Rehydration camps
6. Amphan Relief Drive
7. Menstrual Cup Project
8. Team Soch – The Society Virus
9. Menstrual Hygiene Projects
10. Donation Drives
11. Mental Health Month
12. Pride Month
13. COVID 19: My Story
14. Task Forces
15. Masterclasses with Dr. Tirthankar Guha Thakurta

Volunteer with us: Doctors For A Cause WhatsApp Volunteer Group

Find us on: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube