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❄️ Freezethawed: The Newsletter #040 - The sword of yes vs. the shield of no

❄️ Freezethawed: The Newsletter #040 - The sword of yes vs. the shield of no

Hello everyone!

Six months of 2021 are over. I cannot believe it either. July marks the beginning of the second half of the year.

2021 so far has been quite the year for me. It has been full of ups and downs, opportunities and rewards. Amongst all that I would like to share that with you all, that I’ve remain consistent with this weekend practice of writing to you all for six months now, not missing a single week. I have 100 subscribers and a few more who read this newsletter over shared platforms like WhatsApp.

The sword of yes vs. the shield of no

There are two schools of thought regarding this. Maybe incorporating both in moderation is the way to maximise opportunities.

Saying yes

  • The secret to getting lucky is saying yes to everything.
  • You miss 100% of the opportunities you say no to.

Saying no

  • Sometimes saying no maybe closing one door, but opening another one.
  • No, is your shield of protection.

In my experience, each statement had its time and place and neither one can be an absolute one. This is the experiment I suggest to you, the reader – take stock of the scenarios you say yes or no to.

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