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❄️ Freezethawed: The Newsletter #023 - Not overthinking

Hello everyone!

I’ve had a really hectic week after a long long looong time.

We admitted 70+ patients in the beginning of the week and grind has been non-stop since then with 13-15 hour workdays being the ‘new normal’. We’ve also resumed our outreach camps and I went for my first one after almost an entire year yesterday!

Here’s a photo of Dr. Parvathy, Dr. Jessica and I from the camp we went for yesterday.

A post on instagram this week triggered me to think about overthinking and its implications.

Below are the eight types of overthinking and also how we can free ourselves from it:

1. Worries about the future

Breaking out the calculus to analyze the “what ifs”, even if it is out of our voluntary control.

A possible fix? Here’s the 5 by 5 rule for the future: If it won’t matter in 5 years, you shouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it.

2. Rumination about the past

Constantly reliving a scenario, often overgeneralising it, leading to it consuming you.

A possible fix? The past can only be your teacher and guide. Giving it any other responsibility or control over you is dangerous. The present is under your voluntary control. Make the most of it.

3. “Big picture” overthinking

Being ‘stuck’ on the outcome and constantly focussing on an existential questioning.

A possible fix? Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your dreams and goals. Years in evolution have made human beings many things, but we still remain poor multitaskers. The here and now need your time and it will be prudent of you to devote it appropriately.

4. Mindreading

Making the premature assumption that you already know what people are thinking about you and that your life is under investigation perennially.

A possible fix? Almost everyone on earth is self consumed. Soo much so that they have very little time to worry about anyone else. But should the have an opinion, they are entitled to it.

5. Indecisiveness

Constantly re-evaluating the smallest decisions in life – what clothes to wear, what shampoo to buy.

A possible fix? Your first thought is probably the right one. It is also what your gut wants. If it goes wrong, there is always time and room for the re-evaluation. But until then, keep shooting on sight.

6. Over-reading into things

Trying to extract and concoct a deeper meaning to something that probably doesn’t exist.

A possible fix? Just stop it! You have the power to say no to your brain. Your time and your energy are finite. They are also your most precious resource. Use them wisely.

7. Over-analyzing the rut

Being stuck in an unproductive and repetitive rut is quite common, as is a constant loop of thoughts like – ‘I cannot do this’, ‘there is no point in trying’

A possible fix? In very rare circumstances our body can actually move faster than our mind. Push your body to begin the next pending task at hand, though your mind will initially be in auto-pilot it will shortly follow and the rut will end.

8. Mental chatter

Generalised thoughts in the background that are passive in nature but distract your ability to be ‘present’ in the moment

A possible fix? A calm mind is a happy and free mind. Consider doing the one thing that has proven to calm you down. My favourite suggestion is to take a shower.

Which type of overthinking do you relate to the most?

Here’s a feedback form: https://forms.gle/PXbd9VFsqm9Qs3g4A

Please tick on whatever seems appropriate. Don’t worry, it is completely anonymous.


See you soon!


Anujeet’s book journey

Currently I am reading:

Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker (finally done!) – I cannot not recommend this one! No matter what your relationship with sleep is please pick this one up!

This week I completed Wanda Vision on Disney+. It is an unusual show with an unusual ending, nevertheless, a great watch.

Aggregate, the weekly quote

People generally have more control over their actions than their feelings. But we can influence our feelings by taking action. Take one small step. Move the body first and the mind will follow.

-James Clear

Harmony, the weekly song

The Who - Baba O’Riley

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