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❄️ Freezethawed: The Newsletter #022 - Rome wasn't built in a day


It is Saturday. I missed out on sending my newsletter last Sunday owing to a number of reasons. This was partly because the sluggishly poor internet connectivity in Pondicherry over the past fortnight, which hindered me from opening the back-end of the website. Also, I’ve been at work for almost 13-15 hours every day because our ward census has been 70+ constantly. However, it did not stop me from writing the newsletter! It is all about the last week of February, a little post-dated though!

The good news is that you will be receiving two newsletters this weekend because the next one comes out tomorrow. 🙂

For now, wind your clocks back a week.

Hello everyone!

It is Sunday night and I’m just beginning my newsletter, writing to you all. This week has been a hectic and an overwhelming one. It has also been a tiring but a fulfilling one. I completed my month long observership at Aravind Eye Hospital and I see myself returning back humbled, with new foresight and a bucket full of memories.

Everyone struggles with consistency and I am no exception. Though I’ve come across a lot of insightful titbits throughout the week I could not make the time to read up and share it with you all. So this evening boiled down to breaking consistency and not writing this newsletter or writing one, full well knowing it may not be a well rounded one. So, if you’re reading this, well, I’ve gone with the latter. Rome wasn’t built in a day and if history is any indication, consistency is really king.

Speaking of which, did you know that this proverb originated in France? The city of Rome, which is the capital of Italy, is famous for its architectural beauty. The founding of Rome dates back to 753 BC. A persistent effort by the Popes, to built Rome as the cultural and artistic center of the world, took almost four hundred years. Several artists, painters, and architects spent years in building Rome and giving it its present shape and beauty. The city of Rome looks mesmerizingly beautiful in its present form, with gardens, buildings, etc. It has become a symbol of persistence labor and hard work. Therefore, the proverb in discussion states that good results take time to show up as Rome was built in almost 400-500 years.

You may notice me digressing because I do not have a well thought out topic to speak about, but herein lies the essence of this weeks’ newsletter. I have remained consistent.

Capping off my last day of observership at Aravind Eye Hospital with a photo with Dr. Venkatesh, who is the CMO and a doyen in his own field.

Until next time,


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